anonymous student

Thank you for helping me to choose to live when I thought I couldn't (and when I sometimes still think I can't).


Hey Scott, So I basically just saw you talk for the 2nd time like 3 hours ago and you were just as amazing as the first time. So I was talking with Lisa and Rabbi as you were leaving, and I was too scared to tell you then, but you saved my life the first [...]


Hi Scott! After catching up with you, I went home to my roommate who kept asking about the talk. Once I started talking about it and you, she got so excited and interested and wanted to know every detail you said. She then googled you, watched your TED talk from last year and kept asking [...]


Hey Scott!! I do not know if you remember me, but a few years back we met at a retreat for the American Red Cross camp. I met you with my best friend named Kelsey. I miss you so much and I want another copy of your book "If I Grow Up." I cannot find [...]


Dear Scott, Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting you and hearing you speak for the second time. As a senior in high school I was deeply touched by your words, and to be quite honest it was more so than the first time I heard you two years ago as a sophomore. Although my mom [...]

Central Synagogue 9th Graders

Dear Scott: Our class wanted to thank you for coming to share your story with us. We appreciated how you did not dance around the tough issues and brought HIV close to us. Your bravery and strength really inspired us. You dedicate every day to helping make life better for you and for others. Instead [...]


Dear Scott, I was going through a box at my parents' house and I came across the first poem I ever wrote. It was when I first heard you speak. You touched my life when I was going through a very difficult time commonly known as puberty. I'm thankful for the advice you had given [...]


Hiya Scott On my 12th birthday...this 15 year-old guy came up to me and hugged me. I don't know what happened but I felt like my heart was being crumbled so I pushed him away and watched him leave. Since then, not a day has gone by that I don't think about him. I found [...]

Jamie, Grade 7

Hey Scott. I know how it feels to be alone. The only difference is that I feel alone because my father was always in war while I was little. Today I am closer to my dad, but just last Christmas my parents got divorced and a few days ago I found out the reason. I [...]

Jose, Grade 8

Dear Scott, When you started talking about your difficulties as a student, I felt like you were talking about my life. I face the difficulty of my friends drinking and it makes me want to stop being their friend, but everybody in my grade drinks except me. I don't feel I fit in the world [...]