Dear Scott,

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting you and hearing you speak for the second time. As a senior in high school I was deeply touched by your words, and to be quite honest it was more so than the first time I heard you two years ago as a sophomore. Although my mom had already gone to see you once before two years ago, I found myself yelling at her on the phone last night because she said she wouldn’t be able to make it home in time to go. In my opinion, that speaks for itself on how important I believe your message is, and how remarkable you are in presenting it. I am aware that you have provided and excellent beginning to prompt me to do well, however I know that I must do my job in order to make the difference I hope to achieve.
This past year I lost a friend in a car accident. She was an individual who not only took advantage of the life she was given, but also tried to help others to make their lives better as she began to study in her freshmen year to be a physical therapist. She was someone who did everything right in her nineteen years of life, but was struck by such an unfortunate event. Hearing you speak didn’t give me the feeling that everything that happened to her was okay, but it did give me the feeling that devastating things do happen to people who don’t deserve it, and to people who you think can never experience such tragic events. I would like to thank you for being such an extraordinary teacher not only in educating others on your particular virus, but also giving me the time to reevaluate who I am as a person, and who is truly important in my life. As I heard you speak multiple times even throughout the school day I grew more and more appreciative of the way you are able to stand in front of a room of complete strangers and tell them all you have been through. Although I certainly cannot say it enough, thank you so much for all that you have done. I truly believe that with your positive attitude and ceaseless perseverance you will continue on with such greatness for years to come. You have been an incredible inspiration in my life. Thank you.