I. Shub

I am still recovering from the deep affect! You are one fine man, full of truth, dignity, fairness and sensitivity. Thank you again for making a difference.

L. Gordon

You are an incredible speaker and person. I know you were going to be great, but I never imagined the impact you would make on my own life and with the relationships with my own children. I'm looking at them in a whole new way. I've gotten emails and calls about the program. You have [...]

R. Gerson

I am a parent and was in the audience tonight with my daughter. She also heard Scott speak over the summer at camp. He did a wonderful job relating to both the kids and the parents. He gave us all so much to think about, be thankful for, and to watch for. As a probation [...]

S. Kushner

I was hungry and tired after a long day at work and had decided not to go to hear Scott speak tonight. My son told me that he would take care of himself for supper and that I had to turn around and go. Reluctantly, I decided I would go and leave quickly. But that's not what [...]


I am the mother of two daughters and I am also a gynecologist. I see many teenagers and speak to them about sex: what to expect and how to protect themselves, but I tell them I can not protect their self-worth. I now understand that it is really by negotiating teenage angst and getting through [...]

A Parent

As a parent of two middle schoolers, former President of our high school District and a rookie speaker, I just wanted to thank you for your presentation to both the high school students and the parents last night. My wife and I were very enlightened. I know we are doing many things right but you [...]

A Parent in the Northeast

I GOT IT SO MUCH that I had a hard time staying composed as I sat through your talk. So much of what you said, I am glad to say, I try to apply as a parent. I don’t deny what goes on with teens and I acknowledge it vs. “turning a blind eye to [...]