I am the mother of two daughters and I am also a gynecologist. I see many teenagers and speak to them about sex: what to expect and how to protect themselves, but I tell them I can not protect their self-worth. I now understand that it is really by negotiating teenage angst and getting through to the other side intact that brings self worth.
I am frustrated by our educational system that does not allow our children the venue to ask true, real questions about sex and drugs. I think knowledge is half the battle in being “safe”. The other half is luck.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time, caring and yes…elegance you give to your lectures. You are appreciated by many and you will be in my head on many occasions as I am challenged by raising my two girls to have integrity with themselves and others and, as you so gracefully put it, elegance.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! millions to infinity……