Catholic Charities

Dear Scott: I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to join our retreat. Your words were so powerful and loving. My clients were truly moved by your message, as was I. One client said that you were the best speaker he’d seen in 20 years of attending our retreats. I hope we can work [...]

Mary Margaret, Social Market King (Co-Founder)

I attended the CME dinner Tuesday night and I wanted to personally thank you and tell you how much I enjoyed the evening. Your choice of speaker's really touched my heart. I purchased both of Scott's books, so that I can share them with my sons and other family members and friends.  I am happy [...]

Hinda Eisen Labovitz

Sometime when I was in high school in the early 2000s, you came to speak to the teens in my synagogue. Over a decade later, I still remember how deeply your presentation touched me, and, in particular, your connection in a letter between the words “sacred” and “scared.” That lesson is one that I carry [...]

Jonathan Case

Many people experienced a weekend they will never forget. Those that came to the Beth Shalom were brought to tears and laughter many times over. Hearing your words uplifted and informed everyone. No one came away unchanged. We have you to thank for that. Words adequate enough to express appreciation fall well short. You are [...]

Zoë Constantinides

My students were across-the-board so impressed with and inspired by your presentation. The students in my classes were skeptical beforehand, but you won them all over. Not an easy task...I would know! In particular, they were pleased with your evenhanded stance on social media (they feel they're always told it is bad for them) and [...]

Michael A. White

Thank you for an important and provocative program. My own daughter commented on how exceptionally well you "get" kids. While parts of your presentation concerned me because of the graphic nature of your talk, I found your presentation, especially your conclusion, especially uplifting and inspiring. I also loved the way you wove Jewish teachings throughout [...]

Laurie Mitchell & Robyn Raleigh

Thank you so much for meeting with the students in our GSA. You connected with them, you saw their beautiful souls and you opened your heart to let them to see yours. So extraordinary! A few of the students said you gave them much to think about and they can’t stop thinking about what you said. One [...]

Adam Hammond

I can't think about any moment of the day without smiling. It was an honor to be in the room with you. Watching you lead is an education in itself.  

Scott Kelso

An enormous thank you on behalf of Bishops College School. Feedback has ranged from "Best guest speaker ever!" to "He really understands us," to "He breathes acceptance," to simply "He was super-awesome!" One of my students summed things up well, saying, "I think everyone of us was able to hear what we needed to hear [...]

Hannah Brady

Scott has the transformative ability to impact upon and change others' perceptions of themselves and of the society around them. Every talk he gave was different, and every time I found myself dealing with a lump in my throat and a sense of connection to the extraordinary person in front of me. From the conversations [...]