I attended the CME dinner Tuesday night and I wanted to personally thank you and tell you how much I enjoyed the evening. Your choice of speaker’s really touched my heart. I purchased both of Scott’s books, so that I can share them with my sons and other family members and friends.  I am happy to say that the next morning, my 16 year old picked up one of the books over breakfast and began reading it. He asked me where I got it and I told him about the dinner and asked his opinion on whether he thinks it is appropriate that a dentist speak with him regarding being careful when you have open sores in your mouth because you can catch STIs. His response:  “It’s a doctor mom, that’s what they’re supposed to do, tell you about stuff that can hurt you if your not careful.”

So once again, thank you. It was a very interesting evening and I learned a thing or two myself about communicating with my teenager. It was nice to know that my sons are “normal” in keeping their secrets and now I know how to better get them to open up and share them with me.