As I Grow: A Musical Compilation


In his lectures, Scott utilizes music and poetry in assisting the students to share their tears and joys with one another and weave a their own musical message. Scott has produced a CD that illustrates these moments and enhances his message through music and lyrics. As I Grow is a compilation of 11 songs of hope, gratitude and the resiliency of the human sprit.

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A message from Scott:
My very first voice class was a group lesson back in college with twenty other would-be actors, dancers and singers. Twice a week our teacher, Joe Scott, would go around the room and make us each sing, “I love you so much,” on different scales. Each of us were eager to show off our skills, except for Jessica. When is was Jess’ turn, she’d become bright red and barely be able to open her mouth. One day, Joe walked away from the piano and went over to her to say, “You are perfect the way you are. We have nothing to change. You already are a beautiful singer.”

For months, Jessica would struggle and Joe would say the same things.  “You are perfect. Anyone can sing with voice,” he’d tell her. “Sing with delight!” That’s the secret.”  Joe never gave up on her, and by the end of the year, Jessica was singing her heart out.

My second teacher, Paul Gavert, and I would spend hours talking about the essence of love and how it must radiate in the voice. “We grow more and more each day,” he’d say, “closer to the realization that love is even more than we thought it was!” With his fingers resting on his piano keys, he’d lean forward and whisper, “Be willing to give your voice over to it. Give it the time and thought and dedication it is claiming.”

And so I sing for delight and for devotion
And to breath with others who believe in their own song
I sing to rummage through God’s pockets for a scrap of salvation

I sing to soothe a heart unanchored by loss
And to welcome the wounds of love

To give a lift to victory
To give thanks
To pray

…to stitch my soul to the shadow of God


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