My Invisible Kingdom: Letters from the Secret Lives of Teens


A collection of letters sent to Scott, “My Invisible Kingdom” is a private glimpse into the secrets that teens carry with them in their pockets. Moving, honest, and unfiltered, this book shares insights that every parent should see.

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“Fried’s experience with HIV has turned into much more than dealing with disease. He has come to view HIV as a force that challenges him to find meaning, go on living, and appreciate all he has.”

Joelle Asaro Berman
JVibe Magazine

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11 reviews for My Invisible Kingdom: Letters from the Secret Lives of Teens

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    “As I am reading this book, I pause on each and every page, paragraph and sometimes word, just to think about what I have just read. I love the way it is written. Not only is it thought provoking and stimulating, it is grammatically correct! I have read been reading it very slowly so that I can savor its pureness and freshness. I know I can always read it over and over, but right now, I feel it is a treasure to be uncovered slowly.” – L. Castelli

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    “Dear Scott,
    This book makes me gasp for air like I’ve just come up out of the water from drowning. Like coming out of depression. Like waking after a long, long sleep. It helps me know I am good. I can feel everything. Being whole and broken and empty and full, all at once. All of it, all of them, all of me is good, all of me is good, all of me is good.”
    Libbie, age 21

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    I just gave my 15 year old brother your book, My Invisible Kingdom, as a birthday gift. So of course, I am now re-reading it myself. Your book and your words kept my head above water all throughout my teen years. And as I approach 20 and see those years only through my rear-view mirror, I see that my brother needs your book even more than I did. I hope it helps him that way it helped me. Most importantly I wanted to let you know that after almost 7 years I am still reading your book, digesting your words, and loving every second. Thank you for getting me through my teenage years. I will always be grateful.”
    – Jessica

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    “Dear Scott,

    I have stared at a blank page for a long while trying to work out how to start a review for your book and it has proved to be task that is beyond me.

    I am not an unhappy person. I have never even felt the requirement to drink, let alone take drugs or engage in otherwise destructive activities. I am so happy with my life. I do well in school, have a close collection of friends for whom I would give the shirt off my back and have a supportive family. A self-help book is the last thing I’d ever consider buying. Nevertheless, My Invisible Kingdom proved to be one of the most enriching books I have ever read. As I read the letters from teenagers whose experiences were so different from my own, I would have expected to be surprised, saddened and even disgusted, but my responses were somewhat different. All I could think of was how beautiful the people were, and what good people there really are in the world. A thousand times I longed to be able to reach into the pages and hug the writers, to tell them that they are not alone, that they are not unlovable. In my head, I composed replies to every letter, thinking what I would say to these young men and women, how I could make their lives well again.

    Every single letter detailed a solution along with their problems. By writing them down, these teens had acknowledged the problem and by reading those letters I was able to see what it was they wanted from life. I longed to say “I love you” to those who wrote “I want to be loved” and say “I can see you” to those who claimed to be invisible. Those young authors will never know that I have, or ever would, read their letters but by publishing them, you, Scott, have ensured that these people are alone no longer. This book turns a world of invisible kingdoms transparent — no longer do people see through them but into them.

    But how does this help me, a young, successful teenager from a grassy suburb in London? My greatest fear in life has been to hurt someone. Being hurt is something that you will always be able to remedy because only your acknowledgment of the pain makes it an issue. Sometimes this makes me seem cold as I remove painful thoughts from my head and move on quickly, but ultimately it is a pretty successful defense mechanism. However, I recognize that other people cannot do this so well, and there is nothing more horrible than seeing another person hurting and not being able to help — and even worse — knowing that their pain is your fault. Your book details many sorts of emotional pain and one thing is certain with these examples now irrevocably etched into my mind: I cannot imagine myself ever causing such pain to others. This book is a list of values that self-respecting teenagers should accept if they ever want to be remembered as a good person. This book makes you reflect on who you are and who you may become.”

    – Simon in London, age 20

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    “…actually, I started flipping through some pages yesterday ’cause I was avoiding doing my homework, and then I started reading it for like 30 minutes. And it might be one of the most amazing book books ever, no joke.”
    – Shannon, age 16

  6. admin

    “January has always been the worst month for me. Winter is naturally a tough time of year especially for people with mood disorders. The pressure of mid-term exams, projects, research papers, college talk, course selection, and everything else is overwhelming. Stupid Junior Year. Everyone around me is stressed and exhausted. People are dropping like flies. I’ve recently been battling random panic attacks and out of all the health issues I’ve gotten through, nothing has ever been scarier than a panic attack. You feel dizzy and lightheaded, your heart is racing uncontrollably, you shiver and sweat at the same time, you feel disconnected from reality, almost as if you’re not in existence, and the worst of it all, you feel like you’re going to die. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, with all the stress from school and home, the uncertainty of what is wrong with my body, the pressure of being ‘successful’ (whatever that means) and the continual reminder that I’m not any better than the super-smart-genius girl sitting next me in AP calculus, I found your book sitting on my nightstand.

    I’ve been reading it slowly, soaking in the uplifting, real, inspirational words from both you and all those remarkable teens. I’ve been highlighting and underlining and sticky-noting everything. Even if the story is of little relevance to the current on-goings in my life, reading a few pages after a bad day has been a cleansing relief. The truth and depth within each sting of words is so amazing. I can’t explain it. There’s just something so magical in your words that lets me relax and forget all the worrisome problems accumulating inside. All it takes is a few pages of your book to reassure myself.

    People see me carrying your book around school, and the post-it-note explosion that is evident from all openings within the pages always attracts a ‘What are you reading?’ Every time I answer, I say, “This is my life Bible.” Next to the Bible itself, your book has helped me through some of my toughest times, even if those times are all attacking me simultaneously, (Stupid Junior Year). It’s like a security blanket. A safety net. No matter what I’m feeling on any given day, I can always escape inside the Invisible Kingdom.

    I know you meet thousands of teens every year, but even the ones you don’t meet personally, your light passes through them.”
    – Brianna, age 17

  7. admin

    “Dear Scott:
    Life get pretty stressful so, whenever I feel like it is too much and I just want to go into the bathroom and swallow anything I can find, I go into my room and I read your book. You have no idea how helpful it has been to me. It doesn’t make my problems go away but by the time I am done reading I am too inspired to hurt myself. You have saved my life many times and you don’t even know who I am.”
    – An anonymous teen

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    “…just reading the inside of the front and back covers, I can see that you have offered the wisdom to others usually reserved for those well beyond your years.”
    – A mother of a teenager

  9. admin

    “My Invisible Kingdom has become a secret world of understanding for me and my friends. I am the original owner of the book and passed it on to a friend when she was going through a lot. Halfway through the book she has started going to therapy. Thank you giving me the words I could not say. You saved her life.”
    – Sandi, age 17

  10. admin

    “My Invisible Kingdom gave me this amazing feeling. I didn’t want it to end, but I also couldn’t wait to finish it. From the first page I knew this book was going to have an impact on me…and it did. Already I’ve told some friends that I am going to lend it to them because they have to read it. One of my friends is really stressed and is worried she’s going to stop eating; she is just really depressed. I’m going to give it to here first. When she finishes, I’m going to give it to my RA, whose grandmother recently died and whose Mom died when she was little; she is going through a rough time. And after I get it back from her I will probably want to read it again.”
    – Mallory, age 18

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    “Dear Scott, I just needed to thank you. I lent my copy of My Invisible Kingdom to my friend who cuts herself and she’s getting a ton better after reading it. I just wanted you to know that it is having a positive effect. Stay healthy.”
    – Jess, age 15

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