Who Are You?

A girl still trying to find herself
Whose arms do you fall into?

no one’s
What is the one miracle you are waiting for?

For peace in the world and for people to start accepting people for who they really are
What is your weapon?

Don’t have one
Whom do you miss the most?

My best friend who used to be there and now isn’t. She betrayed my trust twice and 2 of the worst experiences in my life
What are you scared of?

Being alone for the rest of my life or of people not accepting me for my insecurities
What is your favorite memory?

Being young and not worrying about teenage problems
When was the last time God spoke to you and what did He say?

He never spoke to me and i don’t think He ever will
What words are you holding onto in your pockets?

unworthy, not good enough, shy
What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

To be myself and not worry what other people say about me
What advice would you give to your parents that will help them in raising you?

To start believing me when i say something, or to start taking me more seriously
Is there sometimes an emptiness inside you and what does it feel like?

Oh ya! When I’m in fights that’s when i start feeling the emptiness. It feels as if nothing is inside of me and i just want to break down and cry, but tears never come
Are you enough?

In some ways I sometimes think I’m not and never feel like doing anything or think that people don’t think about me.