Who Are You?

I am my own person. I’m a freshman in Las Vegas.
Whose arms do you fall into?
my best friend.
What is the one miracle you are waiting for?
Cures for cancer and disease
What is your weapon?
rubber bands
Whom do you miss the most?
People that have influenced my life.
What are you scared of?
People trying to change me
What is your favorite memory?
When you came to my camp.
When was the last time God spoke to you and what did He say?
when i met you. you opened my eyes to opportunities and made me feel like i am worth something.
What words are you holding onto in your pockets?

cutter. leave. me. alone.
What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

follow your heart.
What advice would you give to your parents that will help them in raising you?

understand me.
Is there sometimes an emptiness inside you and what does it feel like?

things inside me wanting to get out.
Are you enough?

no, because i am not satisfied with myself.