2014 T-Shirt Design Contest[/heading]

Are you an aspiring fashion designer?

Yes? Awesome – remember us when you’re famous!
No? You don’t have to be!

I want to create a new t-shirt and want you all to be a part of it. From now until the end of July, I’m asking you to send me your designs. And there are cool prizes for the winner!

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“I breathe. I belong. I am enough.”

These are the only words that have to be included. Other than that, be creative and have fun. You can use any digital graphic design program, pen and paper, paint, colored pencils, or whatever you want!

If you’d like a template help get you started, feel free to use this image as a starting point – tshirt.jpg

All submissions can be sent to tshirt@scottfried.com

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All of the submissions will be uploaded to a gallery on my Facebook page. So if you haven’t yet – make sure to “like” my page so that you can vote!

The new designs will be uploaded every week on Thursdays and the design with the most likes at midnight on 7/31/14 will be the winner.

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I told you there would be cool prizes!

The artist who submits the winning design will get:

1) Signed copies of all three of my books (A Private Midnight, If I Grow Up, and My Invisible Kingdom)
2) Signed copies of both of my CDs (As I Grow and Defining a Life)
3) One of their winning t-shirts

I can’t wait to see the amazing designs you will come up with!