The TEDx team would like to thank you for speaking at our event. You did a fantastic job. Everyone I spoke to said you were raw and inspiring. I also noticed that you were speaking to (name intentionally omitted). I don’t know how much of his story he told to you, but he’s a good friend and deals with issues every day that are incomprehensible to most. He’s been searching for inspiration and peace for a long time but often refuses to trust strangers and closes himself off. When you said the line about the cancer coming back, which is exactly what he is dealing with, I saw him begin to shake slightly and he began hanging on to every word you spoke. You clearly struck a chord by your immense power to inspire others through uncomfortability¬†and awkwardness. He approached me privately and told me that you made him incredibly uncomfortable with how raw you were. I laughed and said that’s simply what you do best! He said that he was going to think about life for a while. You truly inspired at least one person today, if not the entire audience. Thank you again, and keep making people uncomfortable. It’s magical.