Dear Scott,
You spoke to two of my daughters on Sunday and sparked an amazing family discussion. I sat through your lecture on Monday night, silently weeping, feeling the sorrow and loneliness of the contradictions of my children. The details aren’t important…but the emotions we all felt were real! I left feeling on top of the world! After your talk, I felt like I had permission to cry out loud and share in their happiness and feel their pain. I left feeling, “Wow, I AM a great parent!” All of the bullets you suggested we do, I do! The kids hang at my house; I am the adult they all ask their questions to; I tell all of them how much I care about them and they are “seen” when they enter our lives. I touch my girls with soft caresses. We laugh. We cry. We breathe! It is important to feel validated in life. Having recently moved back home to my birth city to be with my ailing father, to have heard your talk has given me the lift I really needed! Thank you for validating me and helping me see that I am not the only person in life who thinks this is the best way to parent! You have left a mark on our lives. Thank you for caring enough to have SEEN us!