Hi Scott,
I’m pretty sure you don’t remember me. When I was a freshman in high school, you were the speaker at a convention that I attended. That would have been 1998 or 1999, I think. Anyway, you were wonderful, moving and inspiring as I’m quite sure you always are. When I came home and told my mother about you, she wrote you a letter thanking you for how much you were doing. She was so happy to hear me talk so highly of you. Several months later, you wrote back to her, and we were both very happy to hear from you.  The reason that I’m emailing you now six years later is that I heard you were back in my region recently and you again touched many lives. A young friend of mine, who I used to baby-sit, is now a freshman in high school and when I was home from college for a visit in January, I had the delight of hearing her talk about you. It was wonderful to hear from her about how amazing you were, how important what you had to say was to her life, and really, just to see her starting to transform into a young adult. It was our first conversation that centered on more serious worries. She now has a friend who is cutting himself and her eyes are opened to some of the harder parts of life. She is starting to grow up and I just wanted to let you know that I remember and cherish having met you, and I cherish the fact that she also got to meet and know you at this incredible time in her life: between childhood and adulthood. I hope you are well.