I needed to thank you so much for coming to our community. I have three teenagers (thanks for autographing their book!). We each felt if we could wish the impossible, we would love one to pour out our hearts and secrets to you. Your heart is sooooo amazing. What you said would happen has indeed happened. You have made their lives easier because you gave us the ability to really understand that there is a special space for mom’s (I am single) and their teens. Miracles. Miracles. You said you wanted to make one happened tonight and you did! My girls have allowed into their “kingdoms” only because you opened the door for us at the same time. I want to thank you for the incredible performance you gave to the parents. Every word and gesture was not in vain. You are a magician and we all love you for sharing your pain and experiences and true caring with us and our kids. You are invaluable to this generation!