Dear Scott:
You are going to have to bear with me because the words are coming faster than I can type as I try to express what happened to me while hearing you speak. I had no idea what to expect — all I know now is that I am not quite the same girl I was when I walked into that room. I am not quite sure how to articulate how your words affected me. I felt like you somehow snuck into my head and gathered up all my thoughts and fears and needs and wishes and put them into words. I wanted so badly for you to look at me for at least a few seconds so that I could somehow transmit to you how I felt. The last thing I want to do is waste your time spilling out my heart to you but if I could just say one thing, it is that I am very scared. I am scared. I am scared that I am slowly slipping further away from the person I know that I am meant to be. I have dreams and I have goals and I am scared that they are unobtainable. Really. What makes me so special and so different from anyone else? I just wanted to let you know that while you probably don’t remember me (I was sitting in the back with the parents) I will never forget you. Regardless of whether or not I hear you speak again, please Scott, please understand that you made a significant impact on my life, one that I will always remember, and keep with me in the dark times yet to come. Thank you for being the first person I have ever come across in my short life to truly get me.