Dear Scott,
I was in the audience last night with two of my four children. You moved me to tears. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t stop crying the entire evening. Your story touched my heart. Your message to us pierced my soul and reached deep inside of where myown troubled teenaged, adolescent, and even adult lies. For some reason, your story and words brought so much to the surface. Like so many others, I never accepted myself, had nowhere to turn, had no arms to fall into. Your words so hit home. At this point in my life, I worry about my children who lost their father to suicide seven years ago. When I heard my son tell you that he prayed for you this summer, I was reaffirmed that his core intact. When I heard my daughter tell you that she prayed for your recovery every morning this summer, this also made me feel that she has her priorities intact as well. I can’t bring their father back; I can’t fix the broken situation; but I am going to follow your advice and make sure that they KNOW that I KNOW them and love them unconditionally, even if I am powerless to make their worlds perfect. YOU are not a sinner; YOU are a beautiful person. YOU are saving lives and therefore, I believe that YOU have a special place waiting for you (not for a long time, G-d willing) in the next world. May you be blessed.