Hi Scott, Firstly, we want to wish you a happy and healthy Jewish new year! Today in class we realized that it has been exactly a year since you came to our school. Looking back on our experience planning the event with you, it’s crazy how large your impact was not only on our community, but ourselves. We still hear our peers talk about you, and the video of the tens of dozens of students hugging and thanking you after the assemblies continues to be our favorite memory with you.

We want to thank you for helping us create real change in our school and for playing a large role in our personal growth through our junior year. As we go on to apply for colleges and prepare for the next stages of our lives, your message continues to resonate with us and guide us through our lives. For everything you’ve done for and with us, thank you for leaving a lasting impact on us that goes far beyond words.

We hope you are doing fantastic, and who knows, maybe/hopefully our paths will cross again.