Hey Scott,
You came and talked to a camp I worked at this summer.  I don’t know if you are aware of it or not, or even if you remember me, but you changed my life.  You did a private discussion with all of the staff and gave us time to talk to you about personal issues. You said you would try to help us.  I brought up the issue that I was afraid of opening up to people and it’s caused a lot of problems because I wanted to be close with people but I always had a problem opening up.  You told me that if I was able to open up and say all that in front of the group, then I was more courageous and open than I thought I was.  After you told me this I realized that in order to be close to people, I need to open up to them.  Ever since then I have been even better friends with everyone I worked with that summer. I have read your book and I agree with all the teens that write you.  I don’t know…I just have always felt that my parents don’t care about me.  They have never been able to prove to me that they love me. They can tell me all the time but I feel like I need them to prove it to me and they can’t.  I don’t know…I just hate being at home. I just am unsure of what to do about it. I was scared to email you because I didn’t know if you would remember me.  I don’t know if you still wear the string bracelet I made for you when you were at my camp.  I made you one, sort of as a “remember me” kind of thing. I hope you will write back because I don’t have anyone else to turn to anymore.
Thanks for reading.