Dear Scott:

I am writing to thank you for sharing your story with us at LaFollette High School in Madison, Wisconsin. I was the sign language interpreter for the deaf students. Once again, HIV has a “face.” I pray I never forget or take for granted this horrible disease, whether it’s affecting someone close to me or not. Your message is powerful, painful, courageously given, solemnly received, dignified, and so, so real. They hear you Scott. We all hear you. In my many years of interpreting for deaf students, I have never seen such a large group so attentive and so moved. Thank you for taking the time to come here. It doesn’t seem right that we should be so blessed, while you live with the threat of AIDS. So much greater then is the blessing of your presence in our lives.  I wish you an overwhelming amount of strength, courage and peace, and many big, bright, beautiful full moons.
With thanks and respect,