Scott’s ability to connect with humor, intelligence, compassion, memory and caring to parents and children was a sacred gift. He is the greatest, most inspirational speaker I’ve ever heard! I feel sorry for any teen who couldn’t be there!…What an exceptional and motivating speaker. I’ve never seen a group of kids this age sit still for that long. Thanks for such a phenomenal gift….Scott is the most outstanding speaker I’ve ever heard and I’ve heard a lot of speakers. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to hear him and meet him. He is a real gem…. All teens should have an opportunity to hear him and his message…. I couldn’t believe how the kids opened up and shared such profound personal stories…. Thank you for such a rare gift. ….I am writing to tell you that your presentation made a profound impact on my 14 year-old daughter. When she came home from school yesterday she sought me out and sat me down to recount what you had said. Clearly it resonated with her and seemed to bring her an inner peace I have not seen in quite a while. Your personal experience moved her to feel pain and concern for you and that is important. But as her Mom, what was more profound was how you moved her to feel more comfortable about herself. She was disappointed not to see you in the halls of the school so she could tell you how much your talk meant to her. Give her generally shy nature, that shows how much you touched her.