I don’t expect a reply because I know you’re very, very busy, but I wanted to send you warmth and love and thanks for all you have done.  A few years ago you came to give a talk to some teens in England. I was raped the year before and was still very low and emotional when you came to speak, and I think I was in floods of tears the whole time… for you, for me, for everyone who ever hurt.  You made me feel, really feel, and connect with the world for the first time in months, after months of feeling like I was viewing and feeling the world through plastic wrap.  I could just feel so much love and warmth and life coming from you as you spoke.  Your book lifts my spirits when I feel low even now. I am now married and rarely think about the rape but I will never forget your talk, or you.  I wish you a long, healthy and happy life, changing the world in your own unique way.