After listening to you, and thinking a little bit, I think I understand myself, and other people too a lot better. We all think that we want to feel happy all the time, but the truth is, we just want to feel. Thats why we have movies that make us cry, that’s why we secretly like videos on YouTube that make us write angry comments, and that’s why we watch Comedy Central till 2 in the morning. We all need to feel. It’s that thing called emotion that sets us aside from animals and defines us as people. Raw emotion, whether it’s good or bad, we need it and crave it, and you know what? That’s why we touch the hot plate. To FEEL rebellious, to FEEL satisfied, or maybe just to FEEL the burn. I loved your speech. It made me feel like I’m understood and my actions make sense. It made me feel sad and happy and enlightened. Thank you for making me feel.