Gabbie, Age 14

I would like to let you know that our grade has changed since you came to talk with us. We have become much closer.  You have opened our eyes and made us realize what it feels like to be called names and made fun of. People who may have not been friends are talking and [...]

Haley, Age 14

You impacted my life like no one has ever done. I feel like now I can be a better person and really think of what really matters in life.

Alex, Age 16

t's not just that you speak the truth that inspires me. It's that you are okay with the truth that inspires me!

Isaac, Age 14

Your story is sad, yet happy, and I hope you live to tell it for years to come. I just wanted to thank you for what you do and for your inspiration.

Sarah, Age 14

You make a difference. You get it: why people hurt inside. And you taught me how to love other people and myself. I wish you the best and i want you to know you are the most AMAZING person i have ever met. I will NEVER for get you Scott.

Aaron, Age 15

Your lecture made me think of a few times when I felt so alone and crying seemed like it would help, but I couldn't cry.  I wanted that unbearable sensation of pain that happens when you cry. But it didn't happen. And the fact that I couldn't seemed to hurt more than anything. And I [...]

Sam, Age 14

You might remember me. I am the boy who has the curly blonde hair and said "you changed the way I feel about HIV." Anyways, what I wanna say to you is that I felt completely different after you were done talking to us. I can't thank you more than I can put into words. [...]

Shaina, Age 15

I wanted you to know it meant a lot to me that, during the end of your time with us, you took a minute or two to just look around the room at every single student. I cannot tell you how much it means to me knowing that hopefully you remembered MY face and remember [...]

Elanna, Age 17

I want to say thank you for helping my friends and me.  You made it okay for me to cry.  And something as simple as being able to cry has never felt so comfortable and okay before.