Brown University IvyQ Student

AIDS, Love and the Meaning of Life was so so beautiful.  The speaker was amazing and spoke so lyrically and powerfully.  He unearthed so many emotions and so much pain that he has experienced in his life but at the end really showed everyone how beautiful life is and we all are.

Seth, TEDx Marlboro HS

The TEDx team would like to thank you for speaking at our event. You did a fantastic job. Everyone I spoke to said you were raw and inspiring. I also noticed that you were speaking to (name intentionally omitted). I don't know how much of his story he told to you, but he's a good [...]

Emily W. and Ryan M. – #IamEnough

Hi Scott, Firstly, we want to wish you a happy and healthy Jewish new year! Today in class we realized that it has been exactly a year since you came to our school. Looking back on our experience planning the event with you, it's crazy how large your impact was not only on our community, but ourselves. We still [...]

anonymous student

Thank you for helping me to choose to live when I thought I couldn't (and when I sometimes still think I can't).


Hey Scott, So I basically just saw you talk for the 2nd time like 3 hours ago and you were just as amazing as the first time. So I was talking with Lisa and Rabbi as you were leaving, and I was too scared to tell you then, but you saved my life the first [...]


Hi Scott! After catching up with you, I went home to my roommate who kept asking about the talk. Once I started talking about it and you, she got so excited and interested and wanted to know every detail you said. She then googled you, watched your TED talk from last year and kept asking [...]


Hey Scott!! I do not know if you remember me, but a few years back we met at a retreat for the American Red Cross camp. I met you with my best friend named Kelsey. I miss you so much and I want another copy of your book "If I Grow Up." I cannot find [...]

Mari T.

I can truly say that you have changed Hendrix College for the better. You brought up issues that needed to be brought up and issues that had been tucked away. Your name has been floating around school and we would love to have back on our campus again. You are a special person to me and the [...]

Beta Theta Pi, Penn State University

Beta Theta Pi was thrilled to host Scott Fried at the fraternity house to discuss dating, relationships, and consent. We had a fantastic conversation about 'what it means to be a man' in the context of the Greek system and in our roles as leaders on Penn State's campus. Scott's story is incredibly thought-provoking & [...]


Thank you so much, Scott. Your talk touched me greatly and I will never forget what you said.  Some of the stuff that you were talking about really hit home and now I know that I am really not alone. I am not the only one hiding from my parents and from my friends. I [...]