Dawn Berkowitz-Ader

Thank you for an inspiring and tremendously valuable speech.  I loved listening to people afterward, talking about your passion and how you are a dynamic speaker. But more importantly, they were saying how helpful your strategies will prove to be.  I am so happy that my husband got to hear it - and that so [...]

Genia Taub

As you experienced today NObody wanted to let you go. You obviously hit on a surmountable amount of topics that we all connected to. You were fabulous. You are an incredible speaker and everything that comes out of your mouth is felt, authentic and practical. Secrets (all teens have them), darkness (cuddling time to open [...]


I was on the fence about attending today's UJA Parenting Series because I had so much on my plate this week and a daughter who is only on the cusp of her teenage years, but I am so happy I made the decision to attend. I must shamefully admit that prior to hearing you begin [...]