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Podcast: The Changing Face of AIDS

In the early '80s, HIV/AIDS was a seen as a disease of risk groups. Three decades later, we know it is a disease of risk behavior. But more than a disease, AIDS can also be seen as a metaphor that reminds us to love one another, to offer kindness and to learn about life. This [...]

Thoughtful Thursday: Living Well with HIV Video

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Podcast: “HIV/AIDS 101”

In the second episode of "A Pocketful of Wisdom," I share the distillation of my HIV/AIDS expertise in a quick 15 minute overview. There is a lot of information packed into this one. In it, I share the realities of the STI and condition and give you an easy to remember phrase that will [...]

Topic Tuesday: Defining HIV & AIDS

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Motivation Monday: What is the miracle you are waiting for?

At my very first HIV support group meeting, the same circle from which the musical “Rent” is based, I learned the difference between physical and emotional survival. The facilitator told us, “I can’t add years to your life but I CAN add life to your years.” I sat in my chair waiting to hear her [...]