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Podcast: Courage in the Face of Illness

How do you define your life? What is your prayer as you consider your death? This talk explores these questions and the lessons we can learn when we receive the gifts by facing an illness. Taped before a live audience at the Conference on World Affairs in Boulder, Colorado, this talk became a career highlight [...]

Sex, Etc.

Sex, Etc. Information on sex by teens for teens. Includes personal stories, a question and answer section and a sounding board. Sponsored by The Network for Family Life Education of the Rutgers University School of Social Work http://sexetc.org

The Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt

The Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt provides a creative means for remembrance and healing, effectively illustrates the enormity of the AIDS epidemic, and increases the general public's awareness of HIV and AIDS. It also assists others with HIV infection-prevention education and raises funds for community-based AIDS service organizations. Find out how your school or youth-serving [...]


HIVTest.org Everything you need to know about HIV testing, procedures, who should consider being tested, location of the nearest testing site and definitions of anonymous and confidential testing. HIVTest.org

National AIDS Hotline

National AIDS Hotline (800) 342-AIDS This 24-hour/7 days per week hotline offers anonymous, confidential HIV/AIDS information including referrals to appropriate services, local hotlines, counseling and testing sites, etc. It is run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Friends In Deed

Friends In Deed Since 1991, this organization has helped transform many thousands of lives through its programs and services. They provide emotional support for anyone with a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, cancer or other life-threatening physical illnesses… their family, friends, and caregivers... and anyone dealing with grief and bereavement. All of their services are free of [...]

The Body

The Body An HIV and AIDS information resource. Updated daily, this comprehensive Web site addresses over 250 HIV/AIDS matters, including AIDS basics, treatment, conferences, connecting to others, frequently asked questions and information on transmission, testing and counseling services as well as getting help from AIDS organizations. You can also find more excerpts from Scott's books [...]


Post Exposure Prophylaxis or PEP, is an emergency treatment that can help reduce your chances of becoming permanently infected with HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) after you have been possibly exposed. http://pepnow.org/

Podcast: AIDS in the Age of Grindr

The world of HIV/AIDS is changing for the better. The amount of new HIV infections worldwide has dropped more than 50%, according to the World AIDS Day report. Yet there are there still so many people having unsafe sex and getting infected with HIV. This podcast explores the contradiction of human behavior in this new age of [...]

Podcast: The Changing Face of AIDS

In the early '80s, HIV/AIDS was a seen as a disease of risk groups. Three decades later, we know it is a disease of risk behavior. But more than a disease, AIDS can also be seen as a metaphor that reminds us to love one another, to offer kindness and to learn about life. This [...]