• Parents of teenagers take note.  The two most overused and mundane questions you can ask your teen are “How was your day?” and “What did you do?” Scott Fried dedicates his new book to the ten questions he wishes he had been asked as a teenager.  In A Private Midnight: A Teenager’s Scrapbook of Secrets, Fried reveals through the anonymous submission of answers from teenagers around the world that their unspoken fears, questions and restrained hope need to find a voice.  A Private Midnight is an encouraging guide for parents and teachers who are struggling to understand what lies beneath a teenager’s silence. Click here to view the press release for the book.
  • Teenagers are the overlooked heroes in the fight against AIDS - young soldiers of survival in a common battle, defending their right to believe in life.  These are their stories and poems.  These are their questions and hopes.  This is their voice.  As one teen puts it, "We need to feel the value of our own lives."  In the words of another, "If my friend had AIDS - no cure, she'd have me, without fail."  And still another, "Dear HIV, some of us will use you as an excuse to fly!" Highlights include:
    • Scott's story of the night in 1987 when he got infected with HIV.
    • Conversations with teens discussing topics ranging from sex and abstinence to death and suicide, as well as AIDS testing, how to say "no" and how to be a hero.
    • Heartwarming stories about some of the teens as they learn about AIDS and the value of life.
    • Poems written by the teens themselves.
    • Scott's well researched theory as to why teens are putting themselves at risk for HIV and other STIs.
    This book is for teenagers who need to be educated about AIDS.  It is also for parents and other adults who are concerned about the threat of this disease on today's youth. This book is for anyone who is growing up in a world where there is AIDS.
  • A collection of letters sent to Scott, "My Invisible Kingdom" is a private glimpse into the secrets that teens carry with them in their pockets. Moving, honest, and unfiltered, this book shares insights that every parent should see.