3 – Sun Sen

College Students Get a Dose of HIV Reality Scott Fried stood in jeans and a long-sleeved denim shirt rolled to his elbows. The lecturer stunned more than 2000 students at the college's south campus auditorium by announcing "HIV is in this room right now." The hundreds of students solemnly glanced around the room. "You're [...]

2 – Pitt Chron

Teen speaker Visits Community By Jane Muder, Chronicle Staff "Are you your MySpace profile?" Scott Fried asked an audience of more than 100 teens and parents gathered at the Squirrel Hill Jewish Community Center. Fried, an HIV-positive Jewish health educator and motivational speaker, was scheduled for five speaking engagements last week in Pittsburgh. During [...]

1 – NY Post

EX "LIGHT" ACTOR "GUIDING" KIDS TO AIDS AWARENESS Filed by the Associated Press An actor who played an HIV-infected character on the Guiding Light soap opera is using himself as Exhibit A when it comes to the dangers of unsafe sex.Scott Fried, who played Bart Mesa on the CBS soap a few years ago, [...]

1 – A&U

Talk to Me - Scott Fried Author & award-winning public speaker Scott Fried teaches us to speak “adolescent” when educating our youth about AIDS and life’s other topics Posted: July 14, 2014