01 AM I ENOUGH? – A Survival Guide Through the Arc of Adolescence

This workshop addresses adolescence's feelings of isolation and separateness and teaches them to embrace the difficult issues that arise as they grow to adulthood. Scott shares how his own journey has led him to help young people make peace with life's demanding circumstances. Using case studies and real emails from teens in crisis, Scott takes participants [...]


The AIDS crisis is not over and neither is the obligation of Jews to address it. Scott offers a religious perspective on the subject of HIV/AIDS in light of Jewish imperatives such as B'kur Cholim and P'kuach Nefesh. This program provides a religious and cultural perspective on the AIDS crisis by incorporating formal Jewish [...]

08 THE SECRET LIVES OF TEENS: A Workshop for Teachers and Professionals

THE SECRET LIVES OF TEENS: WHAT EVERY TEACHER SHOULD KNOW Teenagers carry a secret life into the classroom. Scott explains the sometimes painful and potentially destructive secrets thousands of teens have shared with him and the methods they use to survive adolescence. He also explores the reasons for self-destructive behaviors, the realities of teen [...]


Social networking allows us to manipulate our image and broadcast to the world the illusion of who we want to be, instead of who we really are. In this lecture, Scott discusses how social media can creates false intimacy, instead of allowing teens to experience true closeness. He also discusses other dangers, explaining how [...]