00 Real Talk About Real Consent

Many college and university campuses have adopted affirmative consent policies. More than the standard of human decency, it is the law. Issues of sexual assault, rape and consent are nowhere near as cut-and dried as we were once raised to believe. In this important lecture, using his own […]

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12 Working Side by Side with Pride

In an effort to help create workplace equality, this presentation addresses how to bring your authentic self to work. By expanding the definition of inclusivity and broadening the concept of diversity, Scott provides ways to successfully engage and support corporate employees […]

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Sometimes, the most interesting things about a person are on the top shelf of their “closet.” From Stonewall to Edie Windsor, Scott explores the journey of the LGBT movement in America, juxtaposing his own “coming out” experience along the way. Topics include the Stonewall Inn riots,  the […]

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02 FROM SCARED TO SACRED: AIDS, Love, & Staying Alive

This 90-minute presentation details Scott’s personal story – contacting HIV at age 24, surviving almost three decades, and ultimately turning a curse into a blessing. Scott describes having HIV infection in a context all young people can understand: vulnerability, loneliness, isolation and hopelessness. His […]

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13 LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD: High Schools, Heartache and Hand Guns

The content of this program is based on real-life examples of more than twenty nationwide school shootings and the stories behind the shooters’ lives. Root causes are examined, as well as the myths and realities of their origins in the media. Students are […]

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In this moving presentation, Scott Fried reveals the secrets most teens would like to keep from their parents, giving detailed personal accounts of teens from around the world. He offers specific ideas and techniques on communicating with a teenager through this difficult […]

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06 THAT’S SO GAY! – A Conversation Around Bullying and Healing

In this discussion, Scott outlines different types of bullying in our teen communities, including the use of the Internet and modern technology as well as speech to wound, manipulate or lie and how it not only hurts others but damages our own soul’s […]

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13 THE SHELF-LIFE OF GRIEF: A Seminar on Death and Dying

Many people, especially teenagers, are unprepared for the death of a loved one. Lacking experience with the emerging levels of grief, it is difficult to make sense of the situation in the midst of crisis or through the mourning process. Topics include the […]

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10 THE CLOSET MONOLOGUES: Coming Out and Embracing your Sexual Orientation

The issues facing today’s LGBTQQI young people are both as old as time and as new as today’s headlines. In this program, Scott addresses many of the challenges and responsibilities facing gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youth. The program deals with how societal […]

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09 DO I LOOK FAT IN THIS? – Eating Disorders, Body Image and You

This program is for both male and female students, covering topics such as body image, sexuality, dating, refusal skills and self-abuse. Discussion includes ways to find peace with an inner existential void, how to ascertain the causes of negative thinking, […]

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