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1 – NY Post

EX "LIGHT" ACTOR "GUIDING" KIDS TO AIDS AWARENESS Filed by the Associated Press An actor who played an HIV-infected character on the Guiding Light soap opera is using himself as Exhibit A when it comes to the dangers of unsafe sex.Scott Fried, who played Bart Mesa on the CBS soap a few years ago, [...]

Podcast: How To Be A C’mere Person

Who stands beside us in life's unbridgeable moments? Who will help us transcend as the internal voices echo our sense of aloneness? Who will believe with us in our ability to transcend the darkness and begin again? This podcast explores the answers by helping us to find our "C'mere Person," that loving other who [...]

Podcast: Zach with an “H”

This podcast is one of my favorite tales to share with middle school students. It's the true story of a group of boys at summer camp who shared their secrets in the darkness of their cabin one night. Zach teaches us that if we can reckon with and offer up the aspects of our internal [...]

T-Shirt Contest Extended!

  You guys created some awesome designs for my t-shirt contest (which you can see here - http://bit.ly/sftshirt14)! With the start of the new school year, I wanted to give anyone who might have had an idea for a design but didn't submit it a chance to do just that. I'm going to extend the [...]

Podcast: Courage in the Face of Illness

How do you define your life? What is your prayer as you consider your death? This talk explores these questions and the lessons we can learn when we receive the gifts by facing an illness. Taped before a live audience at the Conference on World Affairs in Boulder, Colorado, this talk became a career highlight [...]

Temple Beth Torah

The children seemed to make a connection to you, your tone, your mannerisms and especially your openness and warmth. The result...a lobby filled with parents waiting for their children to leave - but the kids would not go. They ALL stayed to keep talking with you. It was an amazing sight to see. Education at [...]

4th Letter Pro

Dear Scott: I am writing to thank you for sharing your story with us at LaFollette High School in Madison, Wisconsin. I was the sign language interpreter for the deaf students. Once again, HIV has a "face." I pray I never forget or take for granted this horrible disease, whether it's affecting someone close to [...]

3rd Letter Pro

Dear Scott: I hope when you receive this letter you will find yourself in the best of health and spirit. It was a privilege to bring you in to speak in front of our medical school students. The response was outstanding; both students and professors alike raved about your talk. Your upbeat and positive message [...]

2nd Letter Pro

Dear Scott: Our class wanted to thank you for coming to share your story with us. We appreciated how you did not dance around the tough issues and brought HIV close to us. Your bravery and strength really inspired us. You dedicate every day to helping make life better for you and for others. Instead [...]

1st Letter Pro

Dear Scott, I can't begin to thank you for speaking with the teenagers at the Juvenile Detention Center. Your ability to engage their attention and interest is a true gift. Your honesty and frankness was especially appreciated by them. It was quite obvious from their numerous questions that you piqued their curiosity about HIV. As [...]