Sometimes, the most interesting things about a person are on the top shelf of their “closet.” From Stonewall to Edie Windsor, Scott explores the journey of the LGBT movement in America, juxtaposing his own “coming out” experience along the way. Topics include the Stonewall Inn riots,  the APA’s DSM diagnosis, the assassination of Harvey Milk, the emergence of GRID and the HIV/AIDS epidemic, “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell,” DOMA, ENDA, the growth of civil unions and gay marriage, the rise of transphobia, the crisis of gay teen suicide and LGBT homeless youth, to name a few. Using his own life history alongside these and other landmark LGBT events, Scott encourages the participants to celebrate the achievements of the past 50 years and consider where we go from here.

Potential audiences: This talk is a great fit for LGBT awareness/sensitivity in corporate settings, LGBT students, Gay/Straight Alliances, peer educators, universities.